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Insightful, informative and entertaining, Reeding Matter is the only publication for double reed players, trade organisations and manufacturers in the Australasian region.

Reeding Matter plays a vital role in the Society’s activities, keeping members in touch with current news and events, and providing information on all aspects of double reed playing and musicianship.

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  2. Pedagogy & discussion forums
  3. Double reed community events & information
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  5. Calendar of double reed concerts & events in Australia & New Zealand
  6. Calendar of double reed concerts & events in Australia & New Zealand
  7. Reviews of double reed events
  8. Miscellaneous scribblings – musical travels, letters, original artwork & puzzles
  9. New publications, recordings & online resources
  10. Trade information, double reed accessories, supplies & classified advertisement
  11. Submissions

Wherever you are in the Australasian region, Reeding Matter provides a common link and forum for players of all levels. Please feel free to contribute articles, reviews, news, calendar events, other double-reed announcements, and original artwork.

2024 Reeding Matter Deadlines

FRIDAY 31 MAY 2024

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The Editor – Josie Hawkes

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